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from sweet gratitude to chocolate-chip covered company

The (extremely) short history:

From Sweet Gratitude to Chocolate-Chip Covered Company

For years, I swore that I would never make my kitchen my home unless it was a place for me to eat in until… I was forced in the kitchen for a volunteer work I did in Macau just last summer. So now… I love it. Whenever I face the world of cooking instruments… I marvel at their purposefulness to every step in each recipe. When you’re in front of a chopping board that faces the open window where the sunshine is seeping through, how could you ever be gloomy?

Anyway, enough of the fluff… After reporting to my friends that I’ve become interested in the baking world, I recently received cookbooks from a very close friend of mine to advance my “baking skills.”One of the books is entitled: Sweet Gratitude: bake a thank you by Judith Sutton. It’s an attractive cookbook that has drawings all over them so you feel like you actually drew them on with great precision and all your creativity spewed onto the pages

Gratitude is such an attractive and well-mannered habit and attitude to have. The act of saying “thank you” whether in a simple remark with a sincerest smile to a special homemade cake should never and (I believe) will never be passé. It is something about the humble attitude and moment of being truly grateful when you sharing a heartfelt moment with a friend or even a complete stranger that you feel your souls are closer than ever.

Other than the shared event of being gratuitous, there’s also something about the shared experience of baking that enhances the flavor of any baked goodie! I mean come on, you add a bunch of obscure ingredients that don’t look like cookies at all and after mixing and folding and mixing some more you form and bake them babies in a hot oven then bam! you have some explosion of sweetness that can be enjoyed by anyone. Seriously, homemade baked things trump a lot of ready-to-eat or off the menu treats because of the very special ingredient called love that quite frankly can never be replicated or replaced.

Because of the speciality of homemade goodies, I thought “well, why bake all on my lonesome self when I can bake with my dearest friends who have love to overflow themselves?”This is to chocolate-chip covered company and our baking adventures! 


Newsflash: My sister, Inya, and her friends made the most amazing cupcakes that could have ever popped out of the oven. I cannot even believe it was possible to dump all good things and have an explosion of sweetness… ugh… reminds of the Power Puff Girls and how they were all made up of “sugar, spice and everything nice.” minus chemical X, of course.

My sister is adorable and I love her so much. She’s growing into such a wonderful lady who I am always so proud of. Her presence in our baking sessions really is the primary reason why chocolate-chip covered company even crossed through my mind in the first place! Precisely because she’s my company! The most special at that. 🙂

When I got back home, I was shocked to see a bunch of tie-dyed shirts hanging from a vase of bamboo.  Well, she warned me earlier that day that she’d be making tie-dyed shirts… Really cool DYI. I heard girls giggling and talking simultaneously in the background. What a pleasure it was to have them around, really, I wish I had taken a picture of it all.

Because of the girls’ fanciful day…  we became the victims of her cupcakes: just look at our faces.

Due to the simplicity of this recipe, I decided to illustrate it (I’m no professional artist haha but this is how I understand this cupcake) presenting…

Death by Cupcake


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