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Marriage: The Right Way

Oh happy weekend! Cheers to my second weekend as a working woman! I’m just enjoying this day reading good news about this man who got married to his wife the right way. (Read the article in the link below)

Gosh… This article represents the male perspective on waiting for the presentation of pure and real love in an unrepeatable ceremony (let alone, a Sacrament) against the background of the mockery of such a hedonistic culture that is in constant collaboration with a society of media-driven consumers. *deep and heavy sigh*

First of all, I applaud his audacity to present his values to the world of media and for being very upfront about the experience and inner commotion that occurred during and after his wedding day. And I’m not just saying that because he was very sweet and romantic in speaking of his wife.

Secondly, this article made me think a lot about how the Philippines has glorified the ceremony and not its representation. I read another article on how weddings have become all about the frou-frou and less about the love. Of course, I can’t deny that women would want to have all the best details in their weddings done right (in all its aspects). I know I would. I’m always so fascinated and awe-struck by the beautiful prenuptial pictures and most especially the wedding day pictures. But, as I’ve scanned through a lot of albums I only wonder, well, what’s next?

Anyway, I’m not one to judge because I wouldn’t really know by experience but I trust Manila’s Archbishop Tagle’s reaction and suggestions toward these wedding frivolities as can be read here.

Lastly, his conviction on this is deeply sincere plight for chastity is as encouraging and motivating as it can get. Why do we need ‘safe’ sex if we’re meant for true love?

Waiting till the wedding night -getting married the right way.


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