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I started writing this last Sept. 9, 2012 and I was just able to continue writing it today… but here it is! 

Work life is seriously difficult to adjust to. I’m so glad that my office mates are so forgiving of my little boo boo’s. Knowing their mercy makes me more inspired to work more efficiently and cheerfully! Other than that, it makes me rejoice for the weekend!

I love tonight! It’s my first weekend of my first week of work! Now, I’m just bumming around with my mom in her room and we’re both using our laptops while sharing interesting things we find online to each others facebook accounts. We just watched this one boy who plays the piano better than a maestro and then shared it on the others’ wall even if we were right next to one another.  Oh, we’re also watching X-Factor Philippines together. Talk about media overload. This is how me and my mom bond.

Being with my mom now inspires me to post some pictures of some women who I met and found to be really enchanting.

*Leah Darrow: This fashion model (America’s Next Top Model contestant) turned role model spoke in front of parents at my brother’s alma mater. What a day that must have been for her and another youth speaker: Chris Stefanick because they had to go through an intense payday Friday traffic from one end of Metro Manila to the other. Their talk focused mostly on how parents should never underestimate their authority over the teaching of values to their children.

Leah Darrow is such the 21st century lady. It was especially refreshing to hear her speak about everyday phenomena with such a clear and decisive view on them. She said: “100% of the people seen in magazine are technology enhanced. That means a lot of the figure in the image is not real.” And then you wind back to all the pages of the magazines you’ve read and think about how they’re all LIES. Yes, people. LIES. Who likes being lied to anyway? 

If there are lying magazines then there are also lying TV shows. What’s worse is that they have some sort of lifestyle that they present to you. She explained that reflecting on being in a reality show (that was so far from real because of so many simulations) is yet another LIE of our culture. Why? Well if you have a whole army of people laughing and making fun of your interior suffering that’s when “entertainment” supposedly solicited from these reality tv shows are portraying then it’s definitely  a big fat lie. She explained it so well saying: “When you’ve got some human suffering up and you put some heels on it then you’ve got a hit.”

Of course, after all of this… she gives you the truthful alternative: the Redeemer and of course, living through virtues. It’s the most difficult but heck, it’s the TRUTH. 

Leah Darrow

poster from that talk

inspired by this real love revolution II by one of the hosts #greatmessage

*Karen Crisostomo. You know how there are some instances that a person who you were never close to just keeps reappearing in your life? That’s Karen to me. Oh goodness, her energy is something that you can watch all day because you aren’t very sure if she’s ever going to run out of it. She’s the kind of woman even if you’re having a really serious conversation you still find yourself uplifted and cheered on. 🙂 I love her already! Recently, her father was confined in the hospital for what doctors thought was a life threatening disease… on the same day as her birthday! I was invited by a couple of friends to greet her so after work I decided to drop by the hospital. I was at one of the shops and I was buying a snack when her and her mother came out of the chapel from attending mass. To cut the long story short, although her dad had all the symtoms for that life-threatening disease, he was part of the 1% who doesn’t have it. I could only imagine that be the greatest gift of all. 

Her mom shared that when she found out the possibility of it being a life-threatening disease, she immediately called a priest to give him an anointing of the sick and confession – I’ll never forget what she said: “I know that the doctors are taking care of his body — but I want to take care of his soul.” (What an enchanting woman)

Since it was Karen’s birthday, she happily looked at me and requested that we visit the newborn babies in the nursery. I thought that that was such a great idea because then we can be absorbed by the JOY of others for the new born addition to their family. While looking for the sign pointing to the nursery, I noticed that the signs were pointing out to a place called “HUGGERY.” Assuming that that was where families could hug their new born babies, we headed there. True enough, the newborns were taken cared of in that huggery. Karen’s delight is indescribable. She just seemed to have empathized with all the family members, the nurses and especially the mother while just simply looking at the single new born baby being displayed in the huggery. 

 After that, it was not surprise that the rest of Karen’s friends were giving her a surprise visit as well. Before I left though, I overheard some of the guests talking about her dad saying that even if he was in the ICU, he, having a responsibility over the formation of a soul through talking, still gave an hour between all his tests to speak to one of his tutees. Seriously? That is dedication. These people are the people to follow. 

w/ Karen and the little treats for her birthday

I can’t deny that everyday, the human spirit surprises me with its outbursts of goodness.


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