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For the Love of Love Stories!

I love – love stories!

It brings my heart into a fanciful frenzy to see old couples in Church holding hands and laughing while walking steadily through the malls… and just EVERYWHERE! It just makes me wonder what are the many factors that made it work for them to be married for 50, 60, 70, 80 years! It’s a True and Real Love that both pursue together.

You know, the Notebook will continually be a favorite of all but I say, let’s bring in the true-to-life love stories from the past.

I just love that final quote about “resisting other women.”

I believe it’s truly possible for these beautiful married couples to be together forever. Even as my dad’s gone to heaven, I know he and my mom are together forever. My mother’s still in love with him.

Not all love stories are pristine, all relationships are so unique that there really is no comparison between one relationship and another (that’s why there isn’t a manual for them) but there will always be the elements with the number one that seem to shine through these long lasting relationships: self-giving love.

Posting these stories will serve as an inspiration with even some humorous and nonetheless, wise tips for those who aspire for this kind of love. The inspiration will keep coming in – but it would need the courage for it to come into fruition. Take heed.

Speaking of  “ancient” love stories, what about the greatest love story of them all:

This pretty much sums it all up.

Happy long weekend! 🙂


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