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Share: The Pyramid of Intimacy

MY EYES GREW HUGE and just then, I wanted to hug the person to blame for this amazing picture.

I am a sucker for words and pictures in some sort of order and for me, this is my mind drawn out in way better drawings and letterings – I would have never imagined.

I got this from Leah Darrow’s Facebook page who copied it from another Theology of the Body Speaker, Bill Donaghy. *I’ve included the same caption as the one in Leah Darrow’s page to the picture.


Wondering why your relationship is not working? Why doesn’t (s)he commit? The answer is, probably, that one or more of these steps were done out of order.

Leaves anyone a few things to ponder on. Like: Why is knowing the true purpose of a man and a woman even before loving? What is true friendship? Do I really know myself? Do I really know my family? Am I in an exclusive relationship? What does exclusivity mean? Have I known and kept all these steps before engagement and marriage?

Mind blown. Heart blown.


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