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The Profundity of Fashion

Fashion Weeks in the four major cities: London, New York, Paris and Milan, these amazing cities are great fashion homes that every designer dreams to be a member of. I’m not even a designer of any sort and I would love to be a part of it – even as a runner to attend to the glamorous items and the glorious models and designers.

I’m a bit late to comment about the fashion weeks that have transpired.

InStyle, a personal favorite fashion magazine, gave a short description and “how to wear” a trend they coined “restraint” in 2012, for their Fall Fashion Trends


I just love the description about it:

So why does primness evoke such intriguing allure? Because a curvaceous silhouette in a pliantly elegant, deeply textured, or appliquéd fabric holds our attention while proving that withholding is powerfully stylish.

How to wear it

Though small buttoned collars appear young, and jewel or boatnecks enhance the more mature, this demure attitude is appropriate for all, in clothes with strong shoulders, a defined waist, and below-the-knee hemlines. Bonus points for princess heels and long gloves to underscore its decorous demeanor.

While breezing through the Fashion and Design October 2013 Issue of the Philippine Tatler, I am happy to say that this was one of its features:


It reads:

Gone are the days when “less is more.” (Note: Less meaning less clothes on) – designers at Valentino, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen prove that being sexy doesn’t mean showing off all your assets

(How to wear it)

Balance the conservative look with a structured bag and a pair of modern pumps.

I’m not a big fan of the word “conservative.” Conservative connotes traditionalism in style and manner and can also be an adjective to refer to avoiding novelty or showiness.

Conservative should be a word reserved to describe the strict suits pressed upon by corporations to their employees.

With fashion, beauty is the first word we think of

Let’s zero in on the above-mentioned trend that I believe is revolutionary in our day and age.

It actually has several names: some call it restraint or minimalist and then there’s modest.

Allow me to expose the extreme depth of these wonderful words just be reiterating their dictionary definitions:

Restraint can be defined as a measure or condition that keeps someone or something (from personal liberty or freedom of movement) under control.

Minimalist is characteristic of a design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect

Modest as an adjective mean: not ostentatious or pretentious, not extreme or excessive; moderate, decorous or decent.

To summarize: the exposition of true beauty

Let’s see how these world famous fashion designers interpreted this particular trend in the recent Paris and Milan Spring 2014 fashion shows. (These are so beautiful!! I’m drooling!!!)

Valentino Spring 2014

woM9vNDu2UH-RtebmfXLrDSKNn9Nz4gfbjgSo37t5PQ  z3fW2yIkVcUAV_Pn7Fmtko1zGmFlPaQwGTkYDFiQeY8



Rochas Spring Ready-To-Wear Collection 2014









Oscar dela Renta Spring Ready-to-Wear Collection 2014

T6lrjEj6Ouq-8gznhjBBgPayT3HYhIZrzaqgVL-xld8 KREefnAudgEZCaXIVBqsy16Ipqr4mkAQJRNyJo1mILw 1af8TQXqRUCO0e7kIdsLPFaFXkpXGhiwDlimx3uVyw4 omZxZ9wImxueCbN7sTnWXSumTTuKA7tzV9V29op2PrM AEHoOxWXY40ZudsmBU71x5Va2TiNsRU0s5TKtM-WKzA Bidi7gVYGc0yNOsoiEvEeuk4rsNAHtOgJy6V23a_9Vk 081wSloW133NuwuLYdDi4lOyugtIvB9dEmtJuOowN68



Burberry Prorsum Ready-To-Wear Collection 2014











There is something about these polished looks that demonstrate their wondrous ideas  exposed by their beautiful and intricate details. These looks are made to move for and with a woman.

I feel like if I buy and wear (I only wish) any of these pieces, I’m sharing in their feminine ideas that I take as my own.

For me, a great gauge to detect the modest and unique style of a woman is when I look at her face first and slowly see what she has thought of wearing that day. Another gauge is I don’t feel like cringing at the sight of something that should be concealed. I don’t feel like wanting to throw a blanket over her. I don’t feel like commenting anything bad. I would just feel like wanting to compliment her on her great outfit and just feeling happy inside.

The Trend: Restraint/ Modest can be the beginning of the noble search and thrust for the exposition of the beautiful and femininity of woman – whether for ourselves as women or our mothers, sisters and daughters.

It can be done.

Photo Credit: Style.com


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