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The Perks of Wearing Sleeves and Other Coverups

This “wardrobe malfunction” is amusing. I’ve heard of toasters, washing machines and computers malfunctioning but a wardrobe or rather an outfit malfunctioning? It’s kind of unreal.  Well in colloquial culture, a wardrobe malfunction occurs when a dress or any other article of clothing reveals parts of a woman that shouldn’t be revealed due to unforeseen circumstances or situations. More often than not, the outfit in itself barely covers up the woman to begin with. To me, no matter what kind of effort the person gets into just to conceal what should be concealed – may it be hours of scotch taping cloth to skin, an outfit just covers up or doesn’t.

To go a bit further, if a woman deliberately steps out of her house in anything that remotely looks like intimates is a malfunction all-together.

This term needn’t be used in the first place we just find and decide to wear clothes that cover up well. But for a woman (like me), oh and in this day and age, it’s difficult to grasp why there even has to be limitations with how much we should wear.

There is a rather metaphysical reason why covering up is the better option when buying clothes. Let me try to explain the overriding idea by telling a simple story.

Here it goes.

In line with my personal effort to be a neater person – not just in my appearance but even with how I take care of my things. I realized that all my things are extensions of myself and my character so if any of my things don’t reflect order or a level of neatness it says a lot about who I am.

So I recently bought a laptop case that looks like a folder from the outside but encases the delicate hardware from the four edges so that I can still be able to work with the sleeve attached. The problem with this case is that its light pink leather dirties easily. I would have to exert extra effort and time just to make sure it remains in its pristine condition. Not only do I carry around with my laptop with its case, I’ve also made sure to bring its place mat along with it everywhere I would take it. It sounds a little bit obsessive compulsive but it makes me think, if I can think of keeping this important hardware clean for it to avoid any malfunctioning… how am I applying the same principle to my soul’s earthly home?

This question leads to very practical answers. There are the Qualities of Modesty that should be avoided: sheerness, lowness, tightness and shortness. But besides these qualities, there are the straightforward Particulars of Modesty:

(1)  Opaque fabric. Sheer fabric is an enemy against covering up, simply because its sole purpose is to be transparent and to act as a visible x-ray to your beautiful body whether it is unintentional or not. When I go through stores, I often put my hand behind a shirt or a skirt to check how opaque the material of a piece of clothing is. There are some sheer pieces that are so cute. I would have to wear an undershirt (spaghetti strap or a tank top – that inherently are not too sheer, low, tight and short).

Another tip is to be aware of how the sheer top paired with the undershirt cling to the body while carrying a bag. It’s a disturbing sight to see the undershirt deforming on a woman while wearing her bag.


(2)  The Back Side. It’s not worth it to purchase a skirt or a dress that does not have lining. Trust me. I’ve been there. I once wore a brand new skirt out only to get home and find out that that new skirt was revealing the lining of my undies. The thought of how many stares it could have caused makes me cringe. Truth be told, I just forgot about my backside. I forgot that it was important at all. I would think that many women forget about it all the same so, wear lining. Just think, those behind you might just see and know you for just your behind – be decent.


(3)  Sleeves. What’s wrong with no sleeves? There isn’t anything wrong with sleeveless attires. I was personally all for such a fresh style until very recently. It was when a friend  mentioned that she was discouraging her sisters to wear sleeves. At that point, I was sick and tired of hearing why we shouldn’t be in sleeveless attires. But she pointed out well and clear that when you lift your arms… the arm holes can either give a sneak peek to the side of a woman’s chest or… more. For a carefree person like me, I would rather feel free to move my arms up and down than be the servant of my sleeveless attire. Besides, I have observed more and more the sleeved dresses and blouses exude a lot more elegance than the sleeveless ones because they are more formal than the latter. When the getup is more formal, the more respect the wearer gives to those she encounters within the day.


Although these restrictions may sound like STOP signs for the stylish ones who can’t let go of their skin, they’re more of GO signals to dress with loving thought of one’s own refinement and are moreover for others.

Admittedly, it’s difficult to reach that healthy mean of “loving” oneself and respecting others since there is deep feminine desire to have this beauty  affirmed of. There are perks to wearing sleeves and other coverups. Let me go through them quickly.

(1) Instead of fussing over what feel good and nice and sometimes even right, why worry about anything? Wearing a good undershirt, skirt lining and sleeves (granted they are well-within the qualities of modesty) will not even allow worry to pass through a woman’s already heavy load of feelings. We have way too many feelings to deal with and why does worrying about our OOTD have to be one of them? Wearing sleeves and other coverups definitely does not need you to worry about anything.

(2) There are two luxuries on earth: money and time and these modest particulars save both of them. How? First of all, because you don’t have to worry about anything, your time for worrying is cut short. You also end up saving from buying any sort of adhesive or new piece of coverup clothing if you are already well-covered.

(3) This is by far my favorite point. The best perk to wearing sleeves and other coverups is that it’s incredibly stylish and fashionable – more so than wearing less. Like I said earlier, wearing more brings your look and others’ perception of you to a higher level of refinement especially if you are styled very well. I’ve never had to be distracted by an unprecedented show of skin when I dine with a well-dressed person and I’d like to do the same for others.


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