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The Glamour of Weddings and the “Tipid” Bride

The glamour of weddings is in the bride being the center of attention.

She dictates the mood and decorations from what hangs on the ceiling to the mini donuts that will be served after the reception proper – oh, and the little flag with their monogram that will adorn the donuts. Admittedly, it’s exciting to get emails from suppliers about the bouquets or the mock set-ups and to attend bridal showers.  Yes, that pinterest board gets the limelight too.

Unfortunately, most pinterest boards, if followed photo by photo into an actual wedding will cost millions and maybe a billion Philippine pesos. I’ve heard of a couple who delayed their wedding for two years just because they wanted to save up for the best suppliers in the business. You can already guess that weddings around the world – including the Philippines – is an incredibly lucrative business. A friend of mine described most bridal blog features to be weddings that have no budget.

I want to be really honest. In the wedding industry, I’ll be exposing the unspoken categorization of the kinds of suppliers based on pricing. You have the High-End – a la Louis Vuitton and Prada kind of pricing, the Mid-Range – a la Kate Spade, Kenneth Cole and Lacoste pricing and the Low-End – a la fast fashion pricing: Zara, Promod and even Forever 21 brands. This is merely based on experience upon checking supplier prices and comparing bridal fair price listings. 

I might start to sound pretentious and even jealous of those who bag the high-end wedding suppliers because they can but… there is NO NEED. Getting them is not the point of having the perfect wedding. No matter what wedding blog supplies you with that kind of information is NOT TRUE and even if you can, it shouldn’t even be the point. I truly believe that anyone can have a beautiful wedding without drilling a hole into their wallet just by being very creative, resourceful and practical and sticking by those three values that will undoubtedly be brought to married life (which is the most important thing.)

I also see why most wedding blogs only feature the best wedding suppliers around.  Maybe it’s to set the standard for suppliers to have an excellent quality wedding and to set a standard of refinement and elegance for the brides-to-be of what a wedding should look and feel like. But let’s face it…

The best weddings are the ones you know were so well thought-out to the point that each person who attends feels like they’re truly part of a love story. 

Besides that, in the Philippine context, most complaints I get involve comfort of the attendants such as how the height of the decoration piece shouldn’t block the view of the other tablemates, shorten the program of the wedding (including the length of the speeches) and MAKE SURE THERE ARE COCKTAILS (I don’t know how many times I got this piece of advice.) Wedding blogs don’t talk about that that much.

Being from a country where we come across the less fortunate everyday in all its forms, I consider it unfair that more than a fraction of our yearly hard-earned salaries should go to a one-day event that will hardly support our forever or our future children or let alone, insurance.

It’s a far dream of mine… but I someday hope to put up that wedding blog that teaches brides how to be very creative, resourceful and practical and even to some extent philanthropic. I want a blog that will help brides focus on what is truly important – their life to come with their husband. A blog that isn’t so much about the fanfare but more about the values and virtues that can be learned by the couple from preparing a wedding sort of how to use this wedding as a fertile training ground for married life. A blog that will guide readers through the different suppliers and how to speak and deal with them. I want to still be able to talk about the trends of blogs but also how to get them at a discounted price and how other brides were able to stay practical. I hope to have an advice portion where brides can talk to other brides about their special circumstances and get an answer from a warm columnist.

And I will call it the Tipid (Thrifty) bride.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to How Much Do Weddings Cost in the Philippines just for you to have an idea of the range of how much a wedding would cost.


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