on elsa peretti

Normally, I would be bored during the first three minutes of what I know is a ten minute long video but this 13-minute long video was so captivating that I had to stay through it the whole time.

I am a firm believer in hefty craftsmanship that would take years of honing fine skills. And this craftsmanship is married to a style based and inspired by the natural world. Why the importance of its inspiration to the natural world? To me, it’s carries the kind of beauty thats gets you lost… not a lot of things have that kind of beauty so, why look elsewhere?

I especially admire how she would break down her pieces of jewelry from Β their embellishment and she does so by scraping through to the very cores of her designs.

In this video, I just love the unfolding of the designer or the author of these jewelry designs and the stories that these material masterpieces carry.


Bone marrow inspired

“Style is Simple”

Video: Elsa Peretti, how she revolutionized jewelry design:Β